William Maddux

Maddux pottery seen on a Jack-in-the-Box Television commercial and recently
on an episode of "Last Man Standing".  Click here for more info.

This website developed by Bob Maddux, the second  son of  Harry William Maddux.  Bill (the name he went by) was the founder of the pottery company which eventually came to bear the name "Maddux of California".

Web Site updated June 9, 2016

I hope to provide those interested in Maddux pottery an accurate account of the history of the pottery that bears the Maddux name and a forum for sharing interests and information between Maddux collectors. 

The earliest known Maddux was manufactured in the late 1930s.  The four pieces below are some the earliest that I am aware of.  They are all hand inscribed as shown.  We continue to find and are made aware of additional hand signed pieces.

The "Maddux" family has several of each of the pieces shown above.  The only pieces handed down through the family were one each of the two duck pieces.  All of the other 200 plus pieces that the family now has have been collected over the last 11 years.

These parrots are hand-signed.

See photos of  SILVER COCKATOO and Hummingbird on Collector's Page #2.

I have obtained the Hummingbird piece that has been shown on Collector's Page.
Link to Hummingbird

We found this bird at a Antique & Collectible's Mall in Kalispell, Montana on our vacation in September of 2001.  It is embossed "Wm Maddux".

A couple of years ago I acquired a marked Rembrant Pottery piece.  William (Bill) Maddux opened Rembrant following his sale of the "Maddux" name and factory.  See HISTORY link below.

I would like to hear from others who have an interest in "Maddux" pottery.  If you have additional information or history please let me know.  If you have a special piece or are looking for a particular piece I will do what I can to help.  I might start posting of items people are looking for.  If you have other suggestions please contact me.


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