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Susan F. of western North Carolina sent me the following email and pictures of her "Maddux" pieces.

I work at home as a medical transcriptionist in a lovely office which my husband built for me. I work very long hours and decided if I was going to have to be in here day after day, usually into the late evenings that I may as well be surrounded by things that I love to look at.

I found my first Maddux bird on ebay several years ago, the two yellow parakeets, the design of which I thought was extraordinarily beautiful. I have that one sitting in an octagon-shaped window in my home office. The second figurine I found at a local antique shop - the pink parrot with flowers. This has chip off one of the flowers but it was a signed piece by William Maddux. I did not buy it at first, since it was chipped, but then went back twice again to examine it before I finally bought it. I went onto ebay's "chat room" to inquire about the signature, afraid it might be a knock-off, and described my purchase. A gentleman there graciously provided me the Maddux Pottery internet site and I was so excited to find this.

I now have well over 100 bird figurines including Maddux, Royal Copley, Czech birds, Jema, Andrea, Lenox, California manufacturers, and many others; some quite pricey and some are just vintage dime-store birds. My favorites are parrots, parakeets, and cockatoos. I buy what I love; no matter. They have come from all over the world. Needless to say, my office is getting quite crowded so I've had to put them all over our house and my husband has had to make yet more shelves. It is quite an addiction! However, my favorites are the vintage pottery birds by Maddux and I am quite proud of my collection. They give me a great deal of joy and pleasure.

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