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Janice Feehan found the web site shortly after purchasing the Hummingbird piece below at a local antique shop in Kankakee, Illinois.  It is the first Maddux Hummingbird I have seen.  I did hear that there was such a piece.  I am real excited about seeing a picture of it. 
Janice graciously sold me (at her cost) this hummingbird.  She wanted it home with the family.
Thank you Janice!!!!!

Janice(above) aquired this set of Mallards.  I had never considerd them a set, but they surely go together.

The Cockatoos below are the first item of any type that I have seen in silver.  The photos were sent to me by Chris Jubic who is sure that the finish is original.  The piece is now owned by Jennifer in Navato, CA.  I was skeptical at first about them being Maddux, but they appear to be identical to two shown in the "Cockatoos" Photos.

Paula Rogers sent me the photo below of the Chinese Pheasants.  She says that she likes to look up the history of pieces.  I was able to tell her that these pieces were made around 1959.  They are pictured in California Potteries: The Complete Book by Mike Schneider.

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