Jim & Cathy's Page

Jim (William James), the oldest of Bill & Elma Maddux's three children, and his wife Cathy now live in Loveland, Colorado where they are raising their three grandchildren.  Most of their current collection is displayed here.

The flamingos above  are only about there inches tall and are unmarked.   The are so close to the larger  Maddux pieces that  we believe that they are Maddux.

These pixies are like the one's that Jim & I worked on at Bill's Rembrant pottery  plant in the mid 1950s.  Most "pixie" experts would probably identify them as being made by "Gilner".  I believe that there is some connection between the two companies.  Knowbody that I have communicated to about these pixies has ever heard of Rembrant Pottery.  But Jim and I know that it existed and that they make pixies like these.

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